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Well my last one…. Day 7
It has been fun and I’ve enjoyed doing them all.
Just one complaint……. while looking for scrapkits  I have spent way too much time looking at ALL the kits  that I’d totally forgotten about and have now ‘discovered’  again…… and thats only on the external hard drive I’m currently using.
Not to mention all the photos when searching for some to use,  it was like a trip down memory lane  lol.

And the text wrapping……. what an awesome thing that is to have in PSP now.   Definately going to have to try and save for a later version  just for that alone.   Using it a lot in Word,  I love text wrapping so doing it the  old way in PSP.  Could I get used to doing text differently…….  oh yes I could!!!

So this page is dedicated to my old girl (kitty).   She is 22 yrs old next month and at the rate she’s going she’ll be around for a while yet  I hope.  She was actually a birthday present for my daughters 8th birthday but when she moved out of home at 20,  I kind of inherited the cat.
Thanks Carole  I’m glad I signed up!  Even after PSP’ing for all these years  I did learn something