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Ann Siegert
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Here is my homework for day 5.  Couldn’t figure out how to use the glitter tubes you supplied so opened a glitter page from my many, many supplies and recolored it to gold to make the background behind the 3 pictures.  I liked using the 3 pictures in a row, – something I haven’t done before.  Also had trouble getting the pictures to snap to the guides so just used the guides to resize the photos.  Actually, my program was sort of acting up in the it didn’t want me to use the arrow to move things and so I had to resort to the move tool (which I haven’t ever really used).  I closed the program and reopened it and still had the same issue.  So I closed it again.  After this submission is posted I will go back and reopen it again to see if it straightened out.  Learning good things in the workshop.  Thanks, Cassel.