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Marlene Lingham
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Thirty-odd years ago I had an ambition to own a Kenwood Chef food mixer, and every Christmas, when Russell asked what I wanted, I would say “apart from the Kenwood I would like …” knowing full well the Kenwood was way too expensive. One year my request was for a collapsible umbrella which were quite new & popular at the time and sure enough there appeared under the tree a parcel that was about a 18″ long. Of course I cheated when Russell wasn’t around and prodded and poked it: it had a hard core and a soft outside, so it was pretty obvious what it was. Christmas morning Russell said that as I knew what that parcel was I should open it first. Well it turned out the parcel was the inside cardboard roll from some foil, with wrapped around it an old net curtain and wrapped around that?  The guarantee of my Kenwood Chef!!!! What a lovely surprise. I still have the mixer, I use it regularly and always think about the Christmas I received it.