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Welcome Irene,  I am from the east coast of Canada, New Brunswick. I have three children (2 boys and a girl) and three handsome grandsons, who live in the same city as I do. I have been using PSP (Paint Shop Pro) off and on for it seems like forever but I am still learning and promise I will never stop. I have only really started learning to use it for scrapbooking, and like you I have used it for my photos.

I am using Paint Shop Pro 2019, learning as I go along. The Campus has many, many tutorials and Carole is an awesome instructor. She is always there when needed.

I am a Diamond member which gives me all kinds of information and videos for learning Paint Shop Pro (PSP 2019) or which ever Paint Shop Pro version that you may have. So glad to meet you, and again WELCOME to the group.