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Irene van Dam
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Hello everyone, my name is Irene/Tigress from the Netherlands. I live near the border to Germany in the east part of the country. Together with my husband and 3 cats. We have a wonderful son, who lives in London with his family, so we do not see our grandchildren often. Fortunately we can app and see them via life view.

My main passion is photography and I ‘shoot’ about anything. Love to go to zoos and events. Or cross around on my scootmobile and explore the nature. I love psp and almost always try to squeeze one of my photos in it.

I had serious heart surgeries and a stroke, about 13 years ago. At home I can do everything but due to atrial fibrillation I have troubles walking and a bad condition. But – hey- I’m alive and inhale every heartbeat with all the positivity that is in my 66 year young body 😉