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Lynn Young
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I bought the BenVista PhotoZoom years ago after getting the sample inside one of the PSP that had it was packaged with it. I updated to the Pro a couple of generations ago when it came out and have 7 now. It is very good at moderate zooming of images and excellent for smaller changes. I use it to make book covers taken from jpegs the authors send in on one of my freelance jobs. Been a lifesaver.

Was wondering if anyone else is using it or might want to look into. They have a free trial and 2 versions so a wide pricing berth. I am doing the upgrade price of course So pro for me has been around the cost of the lighter version.

I am thinking of saving for the Topaz AI Gigabyte down the road. Is anyone using this yet and how do you feel about it? It is a pro-style that can do huge enlargements.