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DeLoris Musick
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Carole sent out an email asking about our pets.  I’m sooo sorry she lost Butterscotch.  🙁  Pets are our children too.  I love my Heidi and she is such a blessing to me.  I buy her toys, but she prefers the cardboard boxes they come in better.  I have started decorating for Christmas (I’m just in the mood NOW!  LOL) and when I emptied the lights out of the container they were in, Heidi took it over.  I’m going to move it into my office and replace the cardboard box that is in there.  It looks better!  I think Heidi just likes the paper towels that is in it to snuggle into and nap.

I used Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs This Is Me November Collection to make another page for my yearly photo book.