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Marlene Lingham
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Thanks DeLoris, I have written quite a few poems for different age birthday cards, some generic and quite a few specially for the person the card was for. I also used to go on 4WD Tag-A-Long tours and the tour operators (now really good friends) had a Log written every day by someone in the group and they asked for a poem, ditty, limerick etc. Not everyone was able to do this but there were many that were really good. Another bit of fun I had was retirement songs for friends – I did one around “Starry Starry Night” for an Art Teacher whose favourite artist was Van Gogh, and “When She Was A Girl” (Gilbert & Sullivan) for my Admin Officer at the school with whom I had worked for 19 years. I would get the Art Department (Music & Drama particularly) to sing the songs with me at the leaving party. When I left, the Drama Teacher wrote a song based on music from some of the Musicals I had produced while at the school. I still have the original poem.