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DeLoris Musick
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This is my maternal grandparents house that was in Auxier, Ky.  My father would take us there every summer (we lived in Norfolk, Va).  My grandfather built that house before I was born.  It had 2 bedrooms and rare for the time and area and indoor bathroom.  He built my grandmother a pond in front of the house under the kitchen window.  We would watch the fish while we ate meals and enjoyed feeding them every day.  Actually, it was only about 3 ft deep, but as kids we thought it went to China!  In the picture to the left is their smokehouse and under that was a root cellar.  Behind the house and down the hill was a barn.  A chicken coop was next to the barn.  As kids, we would help my grandmother churn butter, make homemade soap and break beans.  We loved going to the garden and cut vegetables or berries for meal/deserts.  We helped our grandfather hoe corn and thought it was fun!  You can see a wooden swing frame at the base of the tree to the right.  There are soooo many precious memories associated with that house.  Kids today miss out from knowing the wonderment of the “old ways”.