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DeLoris Musick
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Well, this started in September (Sunday)  LOL  I won’t put the page here that tells the story.  You won’t be able to read it.  It is on Facebook.  I saw a mouse Sunday and I just freaked out!  I don’t drive, so I couldn’t go buy traps.  I called my daughter who lives in town to see if she would go get some, but she didn’t answer, so, I sent her a text.  I called my daughter Heather who lives about 20 miles away to tell her what was happening.  She offered to bring up her cat.  Her cat is named Mama and is quite unique.  She is more tempered like a dog that a cat.  She likes car rides and if you go for a walk, she will walk with you without a leash.  She loves to snuggle on your shoulder with her head buried in your hair.  It was finally decided that she would bring Mama up.  Mama is great at catching anything!  As soon as Mama came in, we took her to the refrigerator where the mouse was hiding.  She smelled it and just waited.  I walked Heather out and when I came in Mama had it in her mouth heading to my bedroom.  The mouse got away and went under my bed.  Mama just sat and waited some more.  I kept checking on her, and in about 1/2 hr she had it killed!  When she walked away from it, I threw it in the field beside my apartment.  I made 2 pages for my book.  1 tells the story and the one here with pictures.  I’ve since set sticky traps around (away from Heidi) in case another gets in.  Ewwwwwww!