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Susan Inak
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Hi everyone! I had just finished lab 5- mod 12 about gears. Then I saw the 20 Challenge and thought 20 gears and from that thought steampunk. The photos are from CCFlickr under the attribution license, so there is no copyright issue. I made the gears, the eyelets (from another lab- lab5 mod9?), the two papers from lab6-mod1 Cathedral Window Pattern, and the fonts were Eagle Lake and Penguin Attack.

There are 3 gears in the upper left hand corner, but they are very hard to see. They did look good until I started fiddling around with other things and by the time I noticed, I had already merged several layers etc, etc, etc. It is what it is. I remembered to start out at 3600 and reduce to 600 for posting. I did forget to leave any space on the left hand side for printing. No harm this time, as this is my first attempt at this and I’m not going to print it, hehehehe.  When I use my own photos (got to remember to take a camera with me when I leave the house) I’ll get down to journaling my pages.   Thanks for looking.