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DeLoris Musick
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I don’t talk about my paternal grandparents, but my maternal grandparents walked on water as far as I was concerned.  My grandmother “Granny Mayo” would take us fishing (she would tear her house dresses up and sew us play clothes) and bring her rifle.  She would shoot birds from flight and tear them apart with her bare hands to bait our cane pole hooks.  We would help her run clothes through her wringer washer and break up green beans.  Our “Granddaddy Mayo” would take us across an old wooden swinging bring in his pickup truck (we were in the back) and the boards on the bridge would split and fly up in the air.  We would help him hoe corn and never thought we were working.  We were from Norfolk, Va (just dumb city kids) and they were in Eastern Kentucky (Floyd County).  Sooo many wonderful memories of summer vacations as a child.  My brother called drawing water from the well, getting home made water.  They had running water, but used the well for drinking water.

The only picture I had of their home (my grandfather built it himself) was sooo damaged, I gave it a painted effect.  It was on top of a hill.  It had a smokehouse on the left and a root cellar below that.  Their chicken coop was at the back of the house as was the barn.  The barn was at the bottom of the hill so was the well.  That tree had a swing in it in the summer when I was a child where I would help my Granny break green beans.  Where all the brown grass is was all corn fields in the Summer!  Great memories!

She was Virgie and he was LeGrand.  His mother was a Blackfoot Indian.  They are both buried at Jinny Wiley State Park, Ky in a track of land the state did not want and it was left a cemetery when the state built the dam/park.