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Royanne Hewko
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Annie great colors so vivid.  I enjoy seeing all of the layouts they certainly have given me some ideas…. Thanks

My day 6, I used the flag (from internet) of BC and used Cass Stamp1 script for the stamp edge.   I started by drawing some boxes to see where I wanted my pictures.   When I was happy with the layout and size I brought in my pictures and used Cass Clip to it script.  This is by far my BEST and MOST used script I have, it saves hours of work and an excellent result.  I followed Cassel’s instructions Binding Scripts in Paintshop Pro and this script is a button on my tool bar for easy access.  I followed the instructions to make the postcard.  I tried to add a bit of humor to this page with the crab and swimsuit lady.   I tried to add some perspective shadows to the crab and swimsuit lady following Unit 11 Perspective and Cast Shadows.   I still have a bit of a problem with them but getting there.  (SLOW but SURE).