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Here’s a birthday card I made for one of my group members last night. I was inspired by a portion of Cassel’s No Scrap Kit class. However, I used a different method. I created a rectangle above the background. Then I created a layer of text. Using the magic wand, I selected the text, hid the text layer, activated the rectangle layer and hit delete so the background would show through. On new layers I added white cutout effects to lighten up the “text” edges. Finally, I selected and copied the blue flower from the background and moved it to the top. After a couple of hours of trying different methods to achieve what I wanted, I was pretty happy with the results.

I always end up making their cards on the day of so I have no time to plan. After reviewing their FB pages, I pick something I think they will like and try to get inspired. Wish I had more time, but every now and then I make one I’m particularly proud of. The original background really made the project pop.

~ Michele