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Robert Boers
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I don’t have X-8, so I can’t check. The white balance is the default position in Enhance Photo/Colour Balance (in X-3). In Colour Balance, you can also select Advanced Options, and then you get the sliders for purple/green and warmer/cooler etc.

In your example pictures, it seems that the leaves is a separate layer, that you are changing w.r.t. colour and Smart Photo Fix (ie. light/dark and more/less colour0), is that correct?

Ah, I just clicked your pics and saw the large ones. In the X-8 nr 1, I notice, that there is ONLY White Balance under the Enhance Pphoto menu, and not Colour Balance. Does that mean, that you can not change the colour of the leaves in layer 1? More purple, or more green, or more warm etc?