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Annie Tobin
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Thanks for your lovely comment Cristina, much appreciated. Here is a copy of what I spelt out for Michele regards the title, hope you can make sense of it! (As for the alpha, well … I found on the web a sample of an alpha that I liked. Copied it into psp, then copied the letters I wanted with the pen tool using a solid line setting size 1, putting each letter on a separate layer. The initial outline was plain the scratchy bits came later. After the initial outline I clicked inside the letter with the magic wand and then expanded by 5 or 10 (whatever suits you) and then, adding a new raster layer, flood filled with a floral pattern set to a percentage to suit the size of the letter (alpha). I then went back to the original solid thin outline and added the scratchy uneven bits again using the pen tool, solid line, size 1. I then merged the outline layer with the pattern layer, making sure the outline was on top. After that I simply placed each one in the correct order to form the title. I like using the pen tool in the mode Draw Point to Point – Bezier Curves just in case I need to add a curve or two. It was a bit fiddly but very rewarding. I hope this helps Michele, I’m no Cassel when it comes to tuts, LOL! Maybe Cassel can make sense of what I have been gabbling on about and create a tut for us!!! <3)