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Arlene McKenrick
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I’m heavily into photo restoration mostly for my own family tree, but also fix photos for others in my spare time.  I am mostly self-taught, having started with PSP in versions since 2009, when it was called Jasc, I believe.  There are 3 versions of the same photo, the original, the 1st one I fixed a couple of years ago, then the last one, after I took the June 22 class. I believe it’s an improvement.

I create family scrapbooks (or family history books) for family members with documents I have found on Ancestry, Family Search, or other places and print them on heavy quality photo paper.  I take them to Staples, which is close to me, and have them spiral bound and give them to my family members.  (usually less than $2) Most have more than 30 pages, so they are too large to show here.  Family members are delighted to learn their history.