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Marie-Claire, I like how you’ve done it with one big photograph peeking through the slots, and a panoramic picture as the background/foreground.  I’ll try that layout on a future project.

Cassel, I’m grateful to you for the Day 7 information about printing.  I don’t have plans to print any of the Double Take pages yet, but was wondering how to print 12 pages of scrapbook photos made earlier this month as a gift for a friend who recently gave me a dollhouse.  All the photobook printing companies I’m familiar with have a minimum requirement of 20 pages.  But now I see I can purchase a regular 12″x12″ scrapbook, have my individual pages printed and place them in that instead without any modifications.  It’s good to know how to add margins for binding areas on future photobook pages; you have answered so many questions I had about that and exactly at the right time.  Thank you very much; I really enjoyed this challenge and learned a lot I’ll use again and again!