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Marlene Lingham
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My husband is out all day playing golf (in the rain?!) so I took the opportunity to work on Day 1 of this challenge. I have decided I will probably have a travel theme running through my pages, a bit of Australia and a bit of England, as most of my photos are places rather than people.

First day showcases Tasmania, a wonderful place to visit although a bit cold, especially in winter. Also you have to brave the ferry across Bass Strait which can be a bit daunting! I thought I would have problems finding enough photos but there are still a lot I could have used, these are representative of what you can see in the “Apple Isle”. The ship is the “Lady Nelson” docked at Hobart, it was interesting seeing her as the Information Centre in Mount Gambier (where I live) has a replica of the “Lady Nelson” outside (Captain Grant was sailing the Lady Nelson when he discovered Mount Gambier).

I like using templates but I find a lot of them are mainly designed for portrait photos whereas I take mainly landscape. Being able to join blocks together helps.