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Jan Wilson
  • 52
  • Junior

I have been working on making Wombat things for my Son for his upcoming website and new business.

His nickname has been Wombat since, oh, forever.  He calls his home WombatManor, even his car tag is Wombat.  Now, a Wombat is an Australian Marsupial, has a live young which lives in her back facing pouch.  They are great diggers and live in a burrow they dig with their long strong claws.

I have an ornament of a Wombat which I took a photo of, took it into PSP2018 and worked on it, cutting it out and made many adjustments till I got something I liked.  I made a tube of it and when I used it this frame is what I got.  I had no setting on it for I wanted to see what came out.   I used the vector paint script around a heart shape.  I liked what I saw.  It had one Wombat  on the frame with the script so I added some more.