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Sue Thomas
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I too have registered for the challenge. I’m always eager to learn anything new from  Cassel.  I’ll probably use the photos I’ve taken so far this year of  birds, as I’m an avid bird watcher, and take part each year in  Bird Atlassing.  I document each bird.  This project I finished last night, using several of Cassel’s techniques, including the  text wrapping script with the rectangle shape.  She has lots of  other shapes too that I use with that script. The background  I created by  using a small portion of the  branches which surrounded the sparrow, and then used  the seamless tiling, blur.  Looking forward to the challenge.  I hope I will be able to complete each day, as the days are warming up, and getting longer, which means I’m outside more than I’m  indoors. I may  end up burning the midnight oil!  🙂 Thank you Cassel!