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Wanda (Sue), the only giggling is from me because it’s so darn cute! (Do we call you Wanda, Sue, or Wanda Sue?)

Marlene, what a great idea. I also have a bunch of .eps files I’ve never used. I’ll have to give that a try.

Now, you must understand that I cannot draw a thing with paper and pencil except for stick figures and even those are a bit iffy. I found a How to Draw a Bear pic on Pinterest. I used the ellipse tool for the majority of it and the pen tool for the mouth. (Is there a way to make a semicircle vector? The mouth took me forever.) I also discovered, after working to get different widths on some of the shapes, that once I exported it, all the lines were the same width. LOL Best lessons learned are when I screw up. :p

~ Michele