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I have been meaning to do some of the tutorials from Lab 8 Modules 3 and 4…. and when I saw Cristina’s page I decided it was time to give it a go  rather than just think about it…. thank you for the inspiration Cristina !……….. I chose to use one of the photos I used in last years travel tale challenge it is King Leopold Ranges in the Kimberly region of Western Australia… my sister and brother in-law went for a holiday and gave me some of their photos…. I started out with the template from Module 4 and changed it up a bit…. the tutorials I chose to do for this page  are Threaded Stitch…Circle of Shapes.. Pinked edge….outlined text. the pinked edge paper doesn’t look perfect but I felt it added a handmade touch. The map of Australia was created with the help of Cassel’s Hammered Metal script… and the background was made using Cassel’s Lino tutorial…. although I have made a scrapbook type page I will modify it a bit  more by changing the text and turn it into a greeting card.