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I’m going to need some time to digest everything I learned this weekend from the free Lab tutorials. Felt like I was cramming for finals, but in a subject that I really love.

In the meantime, I had some fun with the kaleidoscope effect for the background of my gaming group’s theme today. The face is from my avatar in the game. I used a circular selection to crop her and turned her into a sticker thanks to Cassel’s tips and tutorials section of the blog. (It’s very helpful when she includes the tips in her newsletters.) I used a preset shape for the “petals” around her face then duplicated and resized each subsequent copy by 105%. They all started out as white until I changed the blend mode on every other one to overlay. The font is Mister Froggie. Finally, the framing was made by increasing my image size several different times and alternating flat thin white layers with increasingly larger layers that I filled with the background pattern to which I applied an inner bevel. Whew. Sometimes I can’t believe what can be accomplished in just an hour or two while watching TV if I get inspired. Other days, I can’t come up with any new ideas. Then again, today’s theme, Festival of Colors lent itself to inspiration.

~ Michele