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Hi Deloris… a very nice effect on your photo..

Hello Michele… a cute layout …  the picture tubes can be used  to a very nice effect can’t they… I like what you achieved!

I am still enjoying making up cards for print or emailing… here is one I have just finished….. I have used a freebie photo that I have used before but each time I do use it I try to have it look a bit different and I added a bubble effect on the photo to hopefully help it look as if it is encased….. I made the daisy flower paper and I used Cassel’s Burnt edge script on it.  The oval frame for photo was made with the help of Cassel’s Edge Font 2 letter n and I then added Blue Spruce texture and a gradient to it to give the effect I wanted…. I also used Cassel’s new Bow13 sample freebie of bow and lace.. I changed the colour white to what you see below…. also used Cassel’s Custom Kit Ribbon Script and PSP Flower tube -01 for the flowers.  Cassel I really like how your new Bow13 sample freebie turned out so I will be buying the script this week. Thanks for the freebie!

I was aiming for a Vintage style theme for this card… hopefully I have achieved it.



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