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@ Vickie, on your Day 3 layout, is it possible that you have used the mask before making it a negative image? It looks like it is hiding part of the photo instead of showing it, especially in the center. For the Day 2, I wonder if you also placed the photo on top of the mask so it is still showing as a dark area around the photo. Another tip: when using those types of masks with faint or blurred edges, you can often get away with enlarging your photo much more as the viewer kind of expects that this effect will affect the photo quality, so if enlarging the photo gives a blurriness to it, it will look intentional, and we can still have a look and enjoy that pretty photo!

@ Teri, what effect did you want to achieve with the heart as a mask? Did you want to show the picture inside the heart or just have the heart show part of the image where it is currently red?

@ Cristina, what brush did you use for that last mask? It looks like a combination of several brushes. Is that right?

@ Rizzi, that zombie party looks like fun!

@ Marlene, you will end up with a nice album with those pages!

@ Cheryl, that Bokeh gives such a magical and romantic look to your page!!! Using a black background always seems to bring out the colors of the photo!

@ Dawn, the choice of color for your background paper just matches perfectly with the age of the photo! Good choice! Also, a softer Bokeh was a good adjustment to the technique for feel of the layout about Ernie.

@ Bonnie, using the black background for the Bokeh is a great choice. I wonder if the background of the photo was also black or if you just managed to focus on the faces with the mask to the point of completely removing the photo background. Either way, it turned out fantastic.

@ Leslie, although you could have used a mask for Day 7, it is ok not to. Now you have the techniques you can use, but you don’t have to use them all, all the time either!

Although many of you have already gone through all 7 days of the challenge, some are still working through the tutorials. All the work posted here is fantastic. For those who have completed the 7 days, you will get an email about a survey. Make sure you fill it, so it will help me create more challenges in the future!