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@ Leslie, you applied the technique very well. I might just suggest to add more blur to the one layer that seems “sharper” than the others. For the rest of the light spots, they are… spot on!

@ Rizzi, you are the creator so it is quite ok to change the template to suit your photo, and your own preferences.

@ Cheryl, sometimes, a busy background goes well with the feel you want to give to your project. There is usually no right or wrong way to do it. Handsome animal, by the way!

@ Jennifer, I do hope you continue to play and explore PSP too!

@ Marie-Claire, that polkadot pattern makes a statement without being overwhelming. I see you picked the blue from the photo. That is a great way to make the paper match the image and make it cohesive.

@ Cristina, it is so interesting how your page looks very different, yet you still started with the same template! That is the beauty of knowing how to use the program and the supplies you have; you can always change anything you want.

@ Teri, I am glad to see that you can still use those elements you have gathered over the years. It is a great thing to have a varied stash of supplies. And by the way, the Pick tool tends to be… picky in the last couple of versions of PSP. The mode tends to change randomly on you so it is nothing you do that changes it, it does it on its own.