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Cheryl Jentz
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Day 5 – This was a fun challenge. I ended up scrapping my first try and minimizing the amount of the paw brush strokes used. I know the bkg is a bit busy, but I’m happy with it. This is ZIM, a Savannah, who had been abandoned and wandered into my yard one day. I located the previous owner, but they didn’t want him as he is quite the handful and he does not like other cats. Savannah’s are worth a lot of money and while I was trying to find him a new ‘free and forever home’, he was stolen from me. After a long investigation and 54 heart breaking days, gratefully the police and animal control located and returned him back to me. He was in bad shape. Today, ZIM is now living on 60 acres outside of Lake Tahoe, California. He is loving life as an indoor and outdoor cat and his new family adores him. I love and miss him so much, but so grateful that he’s loved, healthy, safe and living the life that he deserves. I’m now an advocate for people to do their research before adopting exotic animals. (OK Cassel, let’s see if adding a bunch of text and changing the size of the pic a bit helps it to post. 🙂 Fingers crossed, thank you for your help!)