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@ Teri, yes, typically, a scrapbook layout will be created at 3600×3600 pixels with a 300 ppiĀ resolution. However, the resolution in itself means nothing until you print it. So if you are to keep your layouts on your computer, or in a digital frame, and never print, you can set it to anything, but just in case you might want to print it later, it is always a good way to set it to 300 ppiĀ (you can set it by default, in File > Preferences > General Program Preferences under the Units tab. For your tile, you can create one at 100 pixels (which will be small but can also be considered subtle) or 300 pixels (which would be average) or 600 (which is starting to feel a bit big), however, you can always adjust the scale when you chose that tile as a pattern.