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@micfin, the links will stay permanently except for the one kit that I was hosted. That was a special permission from the site owner and only for the duration of the challenge. As for the bold color, it is a matter of taste. If you find it too bold, you can always reduce the opacity and add a solid color layer underneath.

@ Terri, Is it possible that the image is very large, and you just don’t see the corner handles to resize? If that is the case you can either resize with the Image > Resize function and make sure you resize only that one layer, and then you would finalize with the Pick tool for finetuning, or you can first move your image in one corner of the project so you can see the corner handles. Another way would be to zoom out so your image shows very small on your workspace, and then, pull the edges of the image. It will add some grey around it, and you might be able to see those handles outside of the actual image. Then you can grab them there.

@ Bonnie, your Bokeh effect is great. Maybe you could enlarge the photo and reduce its opacity so it won’t show the “blurriness” that comes with enlarging. I think that is what makes the photo not stand out as is; its size. For your cat photo, it is a great montage as I would never have guessed that it was not a single photo!

@ everyone, your participating is very inspiring, and thank you for your kind words on this challenge. And yes, I plan on having more such challenges in the future. 🙂