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Day 7
Todays is based on my husbands cousin, who he ‘found’ on Facebook a few years ago, when she came out to meet us in 2015.
She loved meeting the family and she loved our country so much that she is coming back in November this year.  It will be great to see her again.
My ‘polka dots’  reflected the Canadian connection.

I’m sad this is the last challenge as I have really enjoyed doing these.  Learnt new ways to do masks so after PSP’ing and even having written many tutorials for teaching PSP and digital scrapbooking myself,  I had never used/made masks this way.   Plus it has been a long time since I’ve had time to partake in anything like this,  so a big Thank You to Carole for putting it up.  Hopefully I can join in more of them.

I have loved seeing everyones work….. some great work ladies.

The font I used for my wire text was Sandscript BTN