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@Cheryl, that is a normal message when you open a .psd file. It only says that because the file contains some layers that are not handled by PSP like Photoshop would, but it SHOULD still open the file. What do you get when you click OK?

@Britt Marie, did you review the tutorial from Day 1? I added some screenshots to help. Maybe you are missing a tiny detail in the steps. Maybe with visuals, it would make more sense?

, if you find the pattern too busy, you can always reduce the scale and make the plaid smaller. Sometimes, it is enough to make the effect less busy.

, I am telling you, some of those tutorials are addictive! Beware! 🙂

@Wanda, that simple layout really allows to focus on the important part: the photo!

@Glenson, you seem to have a lot of fun with this challenge, and I am glad to see your pages!

, although I don’t expect everyone to time themselves like you did, I said that these layouts should be quick to complete (unlike other types of busy layouts).

@Marie-Claire, that is a lovely photo! I am glad that you are learning things. There is so much to PSP to discover!

, j’aime bien le papier de couleur subtile, et très douce!

@Sandra, nice paper that just emphasise the color of the bird. If you want to take advantage of the whole “mask” effect, you can probably enlarge the photo; although it might get a bit blurred, it might be worth a try if you want.

Seeing how much fun you have had for the first 3 days, watch out for Day 4. It will be a treat!