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@glenson: your page is exactly as it should be. There is no need to add fluff (even though some scrapbookers do, it is just extra). You could have put a paper on the background or not, and leaving it white like that is beautiful and really showcases the photo.

@wanda: I understand that not everyone uses templates, and even those who do will use different types of templates. This was mostly to show how to use a type that is not as often used, and you will see, later in the series, you will be able to create your own! That will surely make you happy too.

: great use of the mask. You say it didn’t work for the smaller photos. What was happening instead?

: I love how you tweaked the corner of the frame to lift it. A tiny detail that is noticeable and makes it really custom.

@sandra: using PSP is a bit like riding a bike: you never completely unlearn it, but you can also always learn a few new tricks when using it!

To everyone else who joined the challenge, welcome. To those who are new to scrapbooking or to PSP (or both), you are welcome to ask questions too. We are all here to help each other and inspire each other.