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Sue Thomas
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Thank you ladies for your lovely comments on the frames. Michele, I love  the paper you made using some of Particle Shop’s brushes.  It’s a cool plugin.  I’ve used it on several projects.  It’s not a complicated tool to use either.   With regard to making preset shapes, I had this discussion with Cassel some time ago.   It is possible but  tedious. I found  that I was disappointed with the end results. Cristina your frame using Cassel’s class, is awesome.  I’m not a scrapbooker, although I have done some pages, since I found Cassel on line.  Some very ornate frames, don’t really belong on  a scrap page, saying that I’ve learnt that almost anything  goes in scrapbooking, it depends on the creators taste, and project. I haven’t watched the class yet.  I made this frame last night from memory, after attending the live presentation.