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DeLoris, it looks like the cat wants the box back – giggles. Eileen, I like all the different techniques you used.

I found this wonderful picture for my group’s theme today. The image in the lower left corner is my avatar from the game.

In order to create the corners, I used the pen tool to make diagonal lines so I could have triangles in the three corners. I used the magic wand to select them and promoted them to a new layer. After hiding the background, I added my desired colors to the promoted layer using the flood fill in each of the three selections. With the vector layer containing the pen lines hidden, I reactivated the background and changed the transparency on the promoted layer. After watching a tutorial on ParticleShop recently, I realized that I don’t use it often enough so I used it to add the bokeh and laser effects. It’s such a useful plugin.

If anyone could tell me an easier way to have created the triangles, I’m all ears. My first instinct was to use the selection tool with the triangle type, but I couldn’t figure out how to rotate the triangle.