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The flower on this card was created using Cassel’s Petal Tube. on the open flower I chose a petal tube with no shadow and  did one petal, duplicated , positioned and rotated around to get one layer. then duplicated that layer twice,  resized, positioned so the petals looked ok to form a flower…. the 2 smaller flowers I still used the one petal and played with the perspective tools to get the effect you see… once the flower was done I changed the colour…. the green sepals on the bud were done with the petal shape also and with the perspective tool to shape …. the stamens were create a while back from and old line art drawing I have…. the green leaves are a free brush that I coloured and textured up…. there is room for improvement in my flower but I thought I would show it anyway because it might give someone else an idea of what can be achieved using Cassel’s petal tube. ……. I also used Cassel’s Waving script  and Circle Doodle script (to create the spirograph) to make the light coloured paper….. the thin ribbon created using Cassel’s bow 3 script.