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I have learned so much from you ladies in the last few months that I was able to do this pic for my gaming group. I had a picture of a beautiful sunset that I thought embodied today’s theme of Inner Peace Yoga. I pasted a black silhouette image of a person in a yoga pose onto my sunset, Magic Wand selected it, then activated the sunset layer and Image Crop to Selection. After deleting the black image, I turned the new one into a transparency. (I use Clipping Magic; it’s much easier for me than trying to do it myself with PSP.) I started with a fresh copy of the sunset picture, blurred it with the Gaussian Blur adjustment, and pasted the transparency onto it. I increased the canvas size, selected the border and Flood Filled it with the original sunset pic as a pattern; inverted the selection and used the Cutout effect with no offsets. The script I used was Billy Ohio Duo from FontBundles. Used the same pattern for the font and added an Inner Bevel effect.

A special thanks to Cassel for her wonderful tutorials and to Sue Thomas for taking the time to explain how she creates her beautiful frames.