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Hey, where is everyone? Too busy getting ready for the holidays, I imagine.

This is a pic I made for my gaming group last night. Thanks to Sue Thomas for teaching me how to outline the tree. I made the tree and the itty-bitty Christmas ornaments/baubles using Cass’s tutorial. Patterns are from MarisaL at PixelScrapper. I used her sequined patterns to outline the tree, to make the star using a selection, and to make the snowflakes using a brush. Now that I look at it again, it would have been better if the green gifts weren’t so vibrant. I only had one clip art gift and had to change the colors. That magic brush really comes in handy! Wish I had more than just a few of hours to work on it, but there’s a deadline for the game theme every day. Good thing, too; with my OCD, I would still be working on it. LOL