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I am now so addicted to frames via the “Sue Thomas” method. Somebody stop me!!!! I started with a duo-tone gradient in the sunburst mode. I flood-filled both frame borders with the same gradient and mode, but increased the number of repeats. I would have used a honeycomb pattern, but I just used one a few days ago. (The game programmers really need to stop re-using the “Honey” theme lol.)

Actually the reason I want to share this one is because I found the cutest set of free brushes. All the images with the bees and the dripping honey at the top are different brushes. Aren’t they adorable?

Carole, if you don’t approve of my sharing the free brushes, just delete this post or let me know and I will delete it. I thought it would be okay because they’re not similar to your style; they’re not “scrapbooky” at all.