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I have been playing with flower making to have my own created elements for my projects.  I have used Cassel’s Petal and Lace edge fonts . also Cassel’s freebie for eyelet 4 as a matt and Cass chain bead tube for the pearl. I couldn’t resist turning  one flower into a card front.  what I did would take up to much space here if I tried to write it all out but I did use Filter’s Unlimited 2 plugin filter on Pattern Generator – magic flower to get the radiating background for the flower to sit on.   I also made use of the filter for the smaller flower. on the rosette style flower I used TwoMoon filter Roto blades on the circle shape I made with the edge font.  the main reason for showing my project was to show what I did for the stamens for the flower… I have an old drawing of a flower and I extracted the stamen centre.. got rid of the white background and tidied it up a bit more.. changed the colour and painted on some yellow dots for the top of the stamen.  this idea may not be new but it was for me. and I saved it as a png to use over and over. I named the  flower patience because it took a while to do…. Cassel’s lace and petal fonts  are great to use. there are so many different shape flowers one can come up with. and the edge fonts, well.. I just love them.