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Sue Thomas
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I made this frame last night using an image I scanned from a  bought Christmas card I received last  year.  I go through  the  previous year’s cards and scan some of them, before recycling. The image is  600 x 700 pixels. Here’s how I did it. Add border 1 pixel  in black. Add border 6 pixels use a colour not in image, activate the magic wand, click in frame, flood fill with  gold fill pattern.  select none. add border 1 pixel  in black. add border 20 pixels, choose a colour of choice I used #d22402.  Click with magic wand in the frame, effects , textures, mosaic. effects inner bevel. Add border 1 pixel black.  add border 12 pixels use a colour not in  image, magic wand, flood fill with gold fill. select none. Add borders 1 pixel black,  add border 25 pixels colour #d22402, magic wand,  select,  textures, mosaic, inner bevel.   Add border  1 pixel black, select none.  add border 6 pixels, flood fill with gold fill.   Selections modify contract, by about 75 pixels, to the edge of the  image.  On a new layer Effects, 3D effects, cutout about 5 pixels, repeat on a new layer  about -5. Some settings may vary depending on the size of image.

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