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Marlene Lingham
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I have been such a good girl packing for my holiday that I had a bit of spare time this afternoon and was able to do a quick page for this challenge.

This was the start of a Christmas/New Year tour of Tasmania by four-wheel drive for a group of 30 adults and 11 children. Only 12 of us were there at the time but the story got included in the Travel Log and has become of of those stories that get told whenever we get together.

I used Cassel’s Filmstrip script, cut it into two so the photos were bigger. The font is Vijaya. The background I made from a poor photo of the Spirit of Tasmania taken in 2011, it was very blurry and you could hardly see the ship so I blurred it even more and put the filmstrip over it. It was quite dark so I put a white layer underneath and dropped the opacity right down.