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Marlene Lingham
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Micfin and Sue your pages are really nice and I love Mr Snow Sheila. I also have the Directional Tuber script and it is so useful and saves a lot of time trying to make the tubes yourself. I also like the explanations of how you do things, there are different ways and it is always good to know someone else’s method, sometimes it is much easier. That is one of the good things about the forums, everyone is willing to share.

After watching the Word Art 2 Masterclass I remembered a card I had done for my Great-Nephew, who loved puzzles. The Alpha is Crossword Acrylic from Digital Scrapbooking Place, so I used Cassel’s Text Creator script for the across words and just aligned the others. Then I used a very small size font for the clue numbers – I must try using the superscript option for the text in PSP 2018. The other elements are from a mixture of birthday/celebration sets I have.

I am still working on using the Warp Mesh tool, but I am going away for a couple of weeks and won’t have much time to do anything.