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Sue Thomas
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You created something really beautiful, and authentic looking.  It really is lovely.  To give more of a more 3D  effect, with depth of field  which is what I sometimes do, depending on the project.  This is how I do it. First using the dropper tool select  foreground (left click) and  background  (right click) colours from the  image, one being slightly darker than the other. Go to image, add borders, choose 1 or 2 pixels, choose a colour not in your project. Using the magic wand, select your new border and flood fill with black. Go to selections and invert, go to effects 3D effects and cutout, set setting to  what you desire, say 1 one or 2 pixels.  For the colour choose one of the dropper colours you chose, preferably the background colour which should be slightly darker. (right click). To use the cutout effect, you have to have  use a new layer.  Repeat the cutout with  a minus  -1 or -2 on a new layer.  Select none.  Go to image, add borders, this time choose a  much wider border, any colour other than black, magic wand, select  border, edit, paste paste into selection,  flood fill with the foreground colour, effects, texture effects, texture and choose a texture to your liking. Effects 3D effects inner bevel. Select none. I hope this makes sense, if not  let me know and I’ll try to be more specific.  I posted 2 framed projects in the making on the new facebook page, which will give you an idea on what the results are using the above techniques. you can repeat this process as many times as  you want.

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