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Marlene thanks for the compliment on my mask and card. I enjoy spending some time every now and then making them. You card  looks great and  the cut out effect after printing to see the masked pic inside adds interest to cards… I also do this from time to time.  I am sure your brother-in-law would have enjoyed receiving it.

Sue, your project looks really nice…. you have created lovely masks and papers.

Cristina, your page is lovely. the top mask you have used is nice.. I have done one with a word attached but not for ages. I must try that effect in masks again. the 2 bottom ones are very nice also. Your photos look great in the them. I hope you have success in making them yourself as I am sure once you achieve one or two  you will really enjoy the process…  however it is also great we can find nice free masks from other talented people to use in our projects….. have you tried Cassel’s MaskMaker Script.? I have used it and  have had nice result… however I still enjoy making them from scratch as well.

best wishes to you all,