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Hi Daphne, here are the basic steps for the video 1 (it is ONLY about adding the new image as the other elements will come in the following videos)

The main layers of the pages you downloaded include

  • the dates with the boxes,
  • the month (which you will be able to edit)
  • a group with a black and white mask with a white layer which is a placeholder for where you will add your photo
  • a background layer that you will customize later

Open your photo, which should be close to 2400 pixels in width. If it is slightly smaller you can enlarge it, but if it is larger, then you can resize it down with Image > Resize or keep it as is and focus the subject in the center of the masked area.

From your photo, copy it (Ctrl-C) and activate the layer called PHOTO HERE, and paste as a new layer (Ctrl-L or Ctrl-V). You will likely want to move the photo into the area to make it visible, so activate the Pick tool and using the center handle, move it up. if you need to resize the photo, make sure to use a corner handle, while the Mode of the tool is set to Scale.

Now, you can save it as a .pspimage file so you can come back to it tomorrow and edit further. Save it with a different name so you can reuse the templates for other calendar projects.

You can now repeat the same steps for both pages that you already downloaded with different photos, and then, wait until tomorrow.


I hope this helps.