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Thanks for all the encouragement, ladies. It really helps build my confidence as I am always second-guessing myself. That’s one of the great things about this forum. The encouragement and sharing of ideas. Everyone is always so willing to share their methods.

Peggy, I think your layout is adorable! Everything works so well together.

Cristina, what I did for the designs was to start out with a little piece of it from the original (there wasn’t much there to copy.) I lined up two copies until they looked seamless, then merged them. After repeating this over and over, I finally had a background large enough for my purposes. And I can now use it for other projects!

Here is yesterday’s pic for my group with the theme being “All Denim Day.” I was able to use Cassel’s Multi Photo Frame 8 Photos Collage. I used a couple of different denim backgrounds that I had and Flood Filled two of the frame’s layers with them. Also, I changed the color of the large photo space to use for my text. The lighter denim pattern was used as the fill for the font which is The Secret. As usual, the pics came from a google search.