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Peggy, first, I think that if you don’t see the .pspscript extension, it might be because (1) a preset shape should have a .pspshape¬†file extension (2) if you see NO extension at all, maybe your computer is not displaying the extensions?

(1) check if you have a file called¬†cass-puzzle4x6.PspShape in your Preset shapes folder. If so, open a blank image, find that shape in your preset shapes in PSP and use it. It is like PSP needs to be “told” that you added supplies after it was open. After you use it once, it should see it.

(2) if you don’t see extension, maybe your computer does not display extensions on other files? If so, it is possible that PSP can’t identify the file it is looking for, since it does not have the exact same name. In that case, go to to the Control Panel > Folder Option and under the View tab, UNCHECK the Hide Extension for known file types. Click Apply. Then try the script again.

Let me know if that works.