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Royanne Hewko
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Well I am still at it …. never give up…. Day 4 tag.  I followed the instructions from Cassel and put a camel on it.  I like the way it turned out.  We went to a Restaurant in the desert.  It was unbelievable … the food was either by menu or several huge buffets with ethnic food.  The entertainment was amazing, there were belly dancers, didn’t get a picture so I added an element I had of a belly dancer.  The lively dance was spectacular all of the colours and hoops.  There was a camel and horse caravan show.  I matched the colours to the belly dancer, I had a solid dark blue background then I used a grunge type paintbrush with the lighter blue.   I found a city skyline of Arabic type buildings on the internet.  Then I used the same brush but smaller and highlighted around the skyline with the lighter blue.  I used the layers style, as per Cassel master class instructions, outer glow of white.  Hopefully, i succeeded in sharing the magical feeling I felt there.