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Kay Tucker
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Hi Cristina,

Twila is the most active pooch I have ever had.  She never wears down.

When she is worn, we reign in peace for almost a day. She sleeps all that time.

She also was a rescue, (by another person), I had to fight for her.

The man ran an ad in the paper to give her away.  I responded. The man got attached

to her.  I kept calling and finally after a couple mos. he finally let me have her.

I think his girlfriend got on him.  She has been my dog ever since.  I will never regret

being so persistent in getting her.

The toy,  I feel the outdoor kitties and she has to bully them with the toy in her mouth.

We have our fetch session then, if I don’t pay attention to her, she shakes her head as hard

as she can and hits me on the legs with it.  Geez, that hurts.  Very self centered. Kay-Kat